Factors that affect the choice of material used in making bongs.

Any material used in designing an object in the form of solid or semi-solid may undergo certain interrogation to see if it is suitable in rising the compatible object that was intended. We are going to look at what factors affect the choice of materials used in making blogs. We have seen ranges from solid-glass blogs to semi solid-ceramic blogs. Now let?s go through of what influences the choice of these materials.

The strength of a material is amongst the factors which considered when choosing a material to design blogs. For example, plastic, metals, and bamboo are among of the strong materials that are employed in the industries. It’s inevitable that no sector will be ready for losses trying to fix glass that is broken. Put into consideration also the safety of the workers in the factory. Glass blog workers are at risk of been hurt during operation if they mishandle the glasses.

How long does it cost you to find the intended material? Do you have to travel miles to find what you are looking for? For example, bamboo is not common in most places, making it not appropriate for making of blogs in some areas to avoid running out of materials and also saving cost. Therefore, the availability of the content plays a crucial role in choosing of the material to be used.

Why would you go an entire process to design bongs with paper when you know pretty well that they are combustible? The material resistance to fire is a factor here since smoking entails combustion, and if upon subjection of a certain clog, which will led to the destruction of a blog is so inappropriate. Therefore, materials like metals, glass which are resistant to fire are used due to their resistance to fire.

Ease of cleaning is another consideration. For example, a glass. Glass blogs are well known for their transparency; hence, the user can clearly see if the tube is stained with smoke so that you can take the initiative to clean them. Compared to metals, which are often opaque, you cannot see the inside. It?s hard to tell if the tube is stained. This works as an advantage to the lazy people who don?t think cleaning of your  smoking bongs is necessary.

Ease of transportation. Fragile blogs like glass are hard to move from one place to another because mishandling can lead to breakage, which may result to other injuries. The cost of the material is also a factor. Some of the articles are expensive, for example, metals. We basically don?t expect a bong made from gold or bronze, do we? Industries often go for some cheaper metals, which will work for both the manufacturers together with the consumers.

Other factors that may play in the choice of materials used in making bongs are durability, aesthetic, and maintenance cost.

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