The Untapped Gold Mine Of Award-Winning Strains Of Cannabis Sativa That Virtually No One Knows About

Cannabis sativa is one of the three strains of the cannabis plant. A strain is basically a slight variation of the cannabis plant. Its scientific name is cannabis sativa.

The sativa strain is known as the social strain to many people. Those who use it speak of its energizing effects and a high that promotes creativity, activity and sociability. Many of the users prefer this strain because of its uplifting effects especially those who consume to get high and not for medical purposes.

The sativa strain is originally from Africa, Asia, Central and South America, though it grows naturally in Mexico, Thailand, Brazil and Cambodia.

The sativa strain is used in the treatment of mental conditions such as depression. This is because of its uplifting effect. It also boosts appetite and has a cerebral spacey high.

Let us look at the top 3 award winning sativa strains

The World Famous Strain: Jack Herer

This is a multi-award winning strain. It is a hybrid with sativa as the strong component. This strain was named after Jack Herer who was forefront in advocating for the legalization of cannabis in the states.

The Jack Herer has a spicy aroma and is able to cool you down. Because of its cooling effect, which can be incredibly relieving, it is best suited for people with lung problems.

The Espresso: Durban Poison

This strain is purely sativa. It has an energetic high that is quite hard hitting. It is ideal for day time use as its effects give you a creative boost. The Durban Poison also has a spicy smell. Some of its medical uses include: migraine relief and increased appetite.

The Comical Strain: Hawaiian Snow

In the past few years, the Comical Strain has won four cannabis cup awards.

This strain is also a hybrid. It contains 80% sativa and 20% indica. It is quite energizing and uplifting. It is often suggested to people suffering from depression and anxiety.

The smell of this strain is often compared to incense. It also has a rich eucalyptus aroma which appeals to its users in many ways. What makes it famous is its ability to make the user have uncontrollable giggle fits.

The Hard Hitter Strain: Moby Dick

This strain was designed more for medicinal value. It makes the user feel spaced out and euphoric at the same time.

It contains 75% sativa, has a citrus smell and pleasant vanilla flavour. It is the perfect fix for someone just looking to get high.

It delivers a pleasant body numbing sensation that leaves you feeling lazy. It?s good in the treatment of people with stress issues, anxiety and depression. It?s also a good appetite booster.

It is a personal choice on which strain to use. However if you suffer from depression or are looking for something to boost your mood, you can get that from all sativa and sativa dominant strains.